Meet Dolores

My name is Dolores and I have worked for Integrative Fitness Pilates for about 4 years. I have a passion for helping people become more aware of their bodies so that they can feel stronger, more confident in the way they move, better balanced, more flexible, able to breathe better, and, most importantly, alleviate pain.

When I train people in Somatic and Pilates, I find the weaknesses in the body and develop a plan that enables students to get stronger and more flexible. Ultimately, my goal is to have people move freely, gain endurance and stamina and enjoy the day-to-day activities free of pain.

The ultimate reward is seeing positive changes to the body through Somatic and Pilates exercises. I am rewarded when my students experience changes to their bodies and lives. It is a rewarding career!

 Please note that not only am I trained in Somatic and Pilates, I also train in cardio fitness, free weights, bands, mini trampoline, and TRX training. I look forward to helping you feel better and live a healthier lifestyle! Ask for Dolores, when you call the studio.

Credentials: Certifications with Polestar Pilates, Hanna Somatics, Leslie Bender (core ball training). AAAI group exercise instructor. I have trained with Madeline