Restorative Pilates is a 10 week class.

Weeks 1-3 will cover effective muscular release techniques and stretching as well as joint mobilization for self-care.

Weeks 3-5 will build on release techniques and begin Pilates-based stabilization techniques that will become
the foundation for homework for self-care.

Weeks 6-10 will build on stabilization and strength in the Pilates environment as well on building on a solid program for continued home use.



Restorative Pilates
The Restorative Pilates program emphasizes identifying movement patterns that can contribute to a person's pain and teach new movement patterns that aim to correct muscle imbalances triggering that pain.

Our program gives the person several tools to maintain positive movement.  Clients gain greater confidence in their bodies, ease of movement and strength.  

Restorative Pilates takes a therapeutic approach to the issues of chronic muscular tension, myofascial pain & stiffness.

You will learn valuable tools for home use to release and relax tension in the body with small ball therapy.

These sessions are limited to 5 participants to insure optimal supervision and hands-on cueing.