She also holds certifications in Step, Kickboxing, BOSU, Urban Rebounding and Stability Ball training.

Susan was a group fitness manager for Bally Fitness for 10 years specializing in fitness programs.  She implemented cutting edge classes for 6 clubs from New Jersey to Pennsylvania.

She continues her education with workshops that include Liz Koch and the Psoas, the Eric Franklin Method, Feldenkrais, and Smart Spine.  Susan recently completed the Pilates Pink Ribbon Program and offers a recovery program to her clients.


About Susan

Her path to Pilates started with Balanced Body Mat. Today she is a Master Practitioner with a 15 year certification with Polestar Pilates.

Continuing education includes certifications in Somatic Movement Coaching, ELDOA, Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery, BARRE, Comprehensive Spine, Exercise Therapies and MyoFascial Release Techniques.

She has also managed multiple exercise plans for various gyms. Susan brings her education, training, and experience into the realm of evolved and classical Pilates.