A Union of 
Mind and Body

Welcome to Integrated Fitness Solutions Pilates studio located in Yardley, Bucks County.  Our Pilates fitness services promote overall health, optimal core performance, peak fitness, and a sound mind-body connection.  Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your personal best fitness in your body by enhancing strength, flexibility, stability, and mobility that will last a lifetime. 

Unlike your typical gym experience, Integrated Fitness Solutions Pilates Studio offers a warm, holistic approach towards full body health.  Our specialized methods enable self-healing to begin by reeducating the body through focused therapeutic movements.  For years, we have been teaching clients to heal through movement for issues such as bad postural habits, improper body mechanics, injuries, aging, and trauma.  We also offer high intensive training for athletes striving to improve their competitive edge and challenge themselves with an exceptional whole body workout.

Our dedicated services and close-knit community have earned us multiple awards and the number one ranking Pilates studio of Bucks County.  We seek to achieve lasting connections with our clients and we hope you will join our Pilates family!

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