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Welcome to Integrated Fitness Solutions Pilates studio located in the greater Philadelphia area.  Founded in 2003, our comprehensive studio offers unique services for everyday exercisers, athletes, and individuals seeking to challenge their mind and bodies.  Our Polestar certified practitioners provide highly individualized services to promote overall health, optimal core performance, peak fitness, and a sound mind-body connection.  Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your personal best body by enhancing strength, flexibility, stability, and mobility that will last a lifetime. 

Unlike your typical gym experience, Integrated Fitness Solutions Pilates studio offers a warm, holistic approach towards full body health.  We have the unique ability to tailor every aspect of our workouts to your body, both in private sessions and group classes.  Each client is provided with individualized attention in all class formats.  We make it our priority to understand how your body functions and what we need to do to help you individually optimize your performance. Our specialized methods enable self-healing to begin by re-educating your body through focused, personalized therapeutic movements.  For years, we have been teaching clients to heal through movement for issues such as bad postural habits, improper body mechanics, injuries, aging, and trauma.  We also offer intensive training for athletes striving to improve their competitive edge and challenge themselves with an exceptional whole body workout.

Our dedicated services, personalized programs, and close-knit community have earned us multiple awards and the number one ranking Pilates studio of Bucks County.  We seek to achive lasting connections with our clients and we hope you will join our Pilates family!


Following several arduous surgeries and chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, I never thought my body, specifically my core, would bounce back.  My bout with cancer left me completely disconnected with my body.  I found Integrated Fitness Solutions Pilates and my hope and body were restored.  The team at IFS Pilates made it their priority to know my body, my physical history, and my concerns.  It was such a relief each week to know these women would take care of me, and more importantly, I would not have to constantly rattle off my ailments to them because they remembered.  I felt welcomed, supported, challenged, and empowered taking their classes.  Not once did I feel overwhelmed by the workouts or concerned that I would hurt my fragile physique.  I noticed progress each and every week and I am thrilled to say that I now have a fully functioning core and integrated mind-body connection.  No other program would have brought me the same results- I was a former gym rat and a yogini. IFS Pilates individualized approach was the only program that helped my body bounce back.  I tell everyone about the wonders of this studio and I cannot image what my life would be like without out these women.  The IFS team will love you, take care of you, and help you reach and exceed your goals!


Our mission at Integrative Fitness Pilates is to be the premiere learning center for Pilates. We are here not just to teach the very best Pilates lessons you can find anywhere, but we are dedicated to learning all about Pilates and how it can be applied to our client’s lives. Our instructors are passionate about working with a wide variety of clients and all ability levels. And, such a diverse client base keeps our teachers focused on constantly and consistently improving. They’re motivated to find and provide solutions that change and inspire our clients in their daily lives and overall wellness, from beginners to advanced students and all in between. Our goal is to provide a stimulating and exciting Pilates experience for all of our clients and instructors.

  • ELDOA is a revolutionary technique to decompress joints
  • ELDOA is safe and non-impactful
  • ELDOA normalizes posture, hydration of inter-vertebral disks, stimulation of visceral systems
  • ELDOA increases body awareness and reduces compression of spinal nerve roots, back pain
  • ELDOA sections the spine, lumbar, thoracic, cervical and sacral
  • ELDOA increases awareness and reduces compression of spinal nerve roots and back pain
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